Flying Tourbillon movement

The Flying Tourbillon is a variation of the tourbillon pioneered by Abraham-Louis Breguet. Rather than being supported by a bridge or cock at both the top and bottom, it is cantilevered, being only supported from one side. The first Flying Tourbillon was designed by Alfred Helwig, instructor at the German School of Watchmaking, in 1920.

For centuries a tourbillon watch has been considered as one of the most complicated, ingenious and hence exclusive timepieces. Only the world’s most qualified watch makers were and still are able to make these tourbillon movements and with the number of master watchmakers being limited and the essential components remaining scarce, the annual output of tourbillon watches remains very limited. A watch with tourbillon movement therefore remains a manifestation of a superior and exceptional type of watch and therefore a kind of luxury which is captured by only a selected audience of real and addicted connoisseurs.

The tourbillon function consists of a carriage, which makes the escapement and balance wheel turn 360 degrees every minute. By doing so, the tourbillon is able to even-out the physical forces, which impact the accuracy of the watch, particularly when in vertical position. MontieK’s tourbillon is located at the 6 o’clock position and functions as the second hand indicator as well . To demonstrate and underscore the distinctiveness of the MontieK tourbillon watch, this fascinating tourbillon movement has been made clearly visible by virtue of the scratch-resistant sapphire crystals on both the front and backside of our exclusive watches. Real connoisseurs recognize eachothers!