A watchmaker is a very important asset of a watch manufacturer, since each watch is individually assembled by hand. Our Dutch watchmaker Ruud Kuiper has over 30 years of watchmaking experience, started his watchmaking career in 1980 and gained a lot of experience over the years working for other well known watch brands.

Ruud Kuiper’s passion for watchmaking started at a very young age of only 4 years old, when he got the opportunity to disassemble the clock of his late grandmother, the alarm clock of his mother and the golden pocketwatch of his father. Many years later Ruud was still very passionate about these mechanics which made him decide to enter the training & educational program to become a qualified watchmaker right after highschool. He started working at a renown watchmaker and clockmaker in Rotterdam. However, Ruud became more and more interested in fixing watches. He decided to start his own workshop in 1982 in which he peforms servicing and repairs for many famous luxury watchbrands. In 2016 MontieK and Ruud Kuiper started to work tightly together and he officially became the MontieK watchmaker. Ruud is responsible for optimizing the movement, assembling, quality control, servicing and repairing our timepieces.