Frequently Asked Questions

How are MontieK timepieces made?

• Watch movements are purchased directly from a first class specialist movement maker which has been selected on basis of the consistent delivery of reliable and top quality mechanisms.
• Design, assembly and most importantly, fine-tuning of the movements and other parts is carried out by our own experienced watchmakers.
• Careful quality procedures both before, during and after assembly are in force: amplitude, accuracy, beat error tests are carried out with utmost care.
• Watches are submitted to quality control devices and meticulously on precision performance and power reserve capabilities.
• Watches with movements, any other parts as well as performance which fail to meet with our strict quality assurance standards, will be filtered out to ensure that only those watches which pass the ultimate check of performance and quality, will be dispatched to our clients.

Is the cost of shipping included in the price?

Our listed prices include the shipping charges. Watches will be dispatched to your address within 2 days working days following having received confirmation of your payment.

Which payment methods are available?

We accept Creditcard (American Express, Visa or Mastercard), Bancontact, SOFORT, Bank Wire Transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin, iDeal, KBC/CBC and Belfius Direct net. Payments are processed by our reliable payment service provider Mollie.

Return policy?

A 7-day return option is guaranteed: in case of non-satisfaction, watches can be returned within 7 days following receipt (no questions asked), subject to the watch and accessories – including wooden box – being returned to our atelier in brand new condition and with appropriate packaging (charges for shipping & handling being at your expense).

What is covered by the two-year product warranty cover?

We are offering a reassuring Two-Year Worldwide Warranty. Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects of the watches with “wear and tear” damages, damages resulting from inappropriate or foreseeable damaging use, or scratches on sapphire crystal or leather straps being of course excluded from warranty. The warranty is also void for watches having been serviced or opened by any other parties than MontieK. We will pay for all shipping charges for watches returned to our atelier for guarantee servicing during the 2 years warranty period.

How comes that prices are comparatively low for these european designed masterpieces?

This results from the organisational set up of MontieK. We ourselves are in control of design, production/assembly, fulfillment and servicing. The quality driven and therefore labour intensive production of our watches is performed by a very experienced and specialist staff. The movements originate from Sea-Gull. Sea-Gull – founded already in 1955 – is well known for its expertise in the manufacturing of tourbillons. Amongst watch enthusiasts ‘Sea-Gull’ has become synonymous with good quality Chinese watchmaking. In line with our quality requirements, our various models therefore feature the renown Sea-Gull movements.

How about the sapphire crystal?

Only high quality watch glasses are made out of sapphire crystals. Processing sapphire crystals is a technically complicated and therefore expensive way to create  watch glasses but produces glasses which are by nature extremely durable. Sapphire crystal based glass is rated 9 on the Moh scale (the scale that measures the relative hardness of all materials), i.e. a hardness just next to diamond which measures 10. Out of all materials for watch glasses it is the one least likely to be shattered or scratched. Moreover, all our sapphire crystal based glasses are provided with an anti-reflection coating, producing a “handsome” blue reflex (even more pronounced on the black dial model). Apart from a more durable clarity, this also results in an appearance which is fully in line with the perfection of the interior of our Tourbillon master watches.